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Accelerating international trade and goods circulation requires increasingly efficient and professional services in an industry that has been pumping blood into trade for centuries. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated and diverse systems, the space for sophisticated services and financial instruments has expanded at the beginning of the millennium, surpassing established bank services and thus moving the entire financial sector to the next level.

We are an international financial group engaged in providing professional services in the field of trade and receivables financing through a standardized tool – factoring. Our primary domain is speed and a maximum level of professionalism, on which we build our services in order provide our clients with financing with a minimal delay, all so that you don’t miss a single opportunity. The globalization of economic activity and trade within the EU offers endless opportunities and a huge number of sectors and their specifics. With our focus on wholesale, logistics and the automotive industry/mechanical engineering, we are able to address almost any challenge of these sectors with high professionalism in a way that was previously unthinkable.


Speed is our domain. We have a team of analysts who, with the help of our sophisticated internal CRO (Credibility rating output) system, continuously evaluate the economic health of our clients’ customers so that in the case of a request, the assigned operator can respond immediately without undue delay and resulting economic losses. The sophistication and speed of our follow-up processes provide a solid foundation for the dynamic times and business opportunities of our clients, so we are always ready. 24 hours a day. No compromises.

3rd Floor 207 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom, W1B 3HH
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02_____PORTFOLIO OF FINANCED FIELDSSpecialization in specific sectors allows us to provide each of our clients with the best opportunities for financing and long-term cooperation.


We have a stable, professional team that provides comprehensive client service at the highest possible level. Consistency, diligence and speed of internal processes – all this ultimately ensures the highest possible speed of realization of requests for financing, and thus the realization of business opportunities, for our clients, under any circumstances.

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